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News from Sudan

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Armed Forces Arrest Journalist From His Home

A member of the armed forces dressed in civilian clothing abducted journalist Etaf Al-Tom from his home in Khartoum and took him - blindfolded to an unknown location.

According to a statement issued by the National Council for Press and Publications denouncing what had happened, the journalist was detained in a detention center affiliated with the Committee for Dismantlement of the former NCP regime in Khartoum, where he was being investigated for Facebook articles and blogs criticizing the Arab Socialist Baath Party - one of the components of the ruling coalition in the country.

The council described the method of arrest as humiliating, and promised that what happened was part of a systematic campaign by the government - represented by the Committee for Dismantlement of the former NCP regime - to intimidate journalists and bloggers by placing them under arrest in detention centers.

Source: Alrakoba