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Civic Space in Sudan - Institutional & Legal Reform Efforts in 2020

An update on efforts of civil society to reform the law and institutions governing organizations registered under the Sudan Voluntary and Humanitarian Works Act of 2006, and the way forward.
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HAC New regulations stifle civic space - Part 1 of 5

In late February 2021 a new set of regulations governing organizations registered under the Sudan Voluntary and Humanitarian Works Act (SVHWA) of 2006 surfaced on social media and caused an uproar and widespread discontent among civil society organizations and activists in Sudan. The new regulations were ratified by the previous minister of Labor and Social Development, Lena Al-Shiekh during her last days in office and were signed by her on 1 February 2021 (6 days prior to the Prime Ministers decree dissolving his cabinet of Ministers and relieving them of their duties).
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Update on legal reforms impacting civic space in Sudan

Following a series of roundtables convened on Institutional Legal reforms and one-on-one advocacy meetings held with government and other stakeholders, the government (Ministry of Labor and Social Development) formed a committee to develop a road map for the HAC and Law reform process and oversee its implementation .
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Special Rapporteur Issues 10 Principles for Protecting Human Rights during COVID-19 Pandemic

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FATF Recommendation 8 – A threat to Civic Space in Sudan?

A news alert dated 29 May 2018 and posted on the Sudan Civic Monitor website has signalled concerns raised by civil society experts and activists following a meeting organized by the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to present and sensitize non-profit organizations (NPOs) to the Sudan Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act (MLFTA of 2014).
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