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News from Darfur

Military force dispersed a sit-in by force, leaving one dead and many others wounded

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Student protests in Al-Fashir met with violent response

Students protesting against the continued disruption of water and electricity in the capital city of North Darfur state (AL-Fashir) were met with a violent response by the authorities.
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Turmoil and unrest in South and North Darfur

Widespread rioting and insecurity have prompted the Governors of South and North Darfur to declare a state of emergency and impose curfews in their states their states
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Termination and suspension of six bank employees for organising a protest

The Blue Nile Mashreg bank – Geneina Branch in western Sudan released a decision to lay off and suspend 5 of its employees and relocate another employee for organizing a protest.
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Protestors injured and killed in Fata Borno

Armed militias raided Fata Barno (Kutum Locality) in North Darfur state and fired live ammunition indiscriminately at protesters gathering at a sit-in killing 12 people and injuring 14 others.
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