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News from Darfur

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Anti-government protests in El Fashir, police use teargas to disperse protesters

On Sunday 16 December 2018, a group of people staged a popular demonstration in the North Darfur capital city of El Fasher, spearheaded by school students, to protest the deteriorating living conditions. According to “DarfurAagil” on the Facebook, eyewitnesses said police used teargas and violence to disperse the protesters, with local authorities making no comment on police excesses in dealing with the protesters, especially that no violent acts were monitored on the part of the demonstrators.

Several Sudanese cities witnessed sporadic peaceful protests this year; the first was in January when the government passed an economic plan that caused price-hike of basic commodities especially fuel and bread.

Sudan, as a member of the United Nations, has an obligation under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which provides in its Article 21 for the right to peaceful assembly. The same is also provided for in the Bill of Rights set forth in Sudan’s Interim Constitution 2005.

Source: Darfur Aagil