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News from Eastern

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Loading Workers Strike Paralyzes Port Sudan

More than 20 thousand cargo and offloading workers went on a complete strike for more than 9 hours in all the ports of Portsudan protesting against the state government establishing holding companies set to replace the Loading and Offloading Workers Association.

Several workers told Dabanga Radio that the strike led to a complete paralysis of the loading and offloading operations in all Port Sudan. They also added that police and security forces surrounded both the Southern and Northern ports and that National Intelligence and Security Services arrested Al-Sayed Tahir Omer, President of Loading Workers Union before releasing him hours later. Workers considered the establishment of holding companies to be directed by influential people instead of the association is aimed at replacing them and destroying their union.They say that the current system has ensured stability of work in the port for decades with a system acceptable to all workers.

Mohamed Hanies, Minister of Manufacturing and Investment in the state, in press releases denied the allegations of the workers and their union, he also described the allegation as being with no base. He also mentioned that they have launched an initiative aimed at developing the loading and offloading sector as to create a better work environment through using service bonuses. Moreover, he emphasized that there will not be any backing down from the reformation and development programme.

Striking is one of the rights of the workers for demanding their rights and Sudanese laws endorsed it even if with some conditions. Nevertheless, it is a legal act according to the Constitution and human rights conventions and it considered one of the collective means of peaceful expression.

Source: Dabanga Sudan