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News from Khartoum

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After threats to boycott elections, Political Parties concerned NCP may disown national dialogue outcome

Mr. Izzeldin Abdul Ghani, the General Rapporteur of the Political Bureau of the Unionist Party, confirmed that the National Congress did not send them any draft constitution for discussion. He pointed out that as a party they have a full concept of the permanent constitution of the country based on the new developments. He said if the ruling party pursues the old tactics and attempts to twist positions in its favour then certainly they will not accept that. He added that the national dialogue outcomes were comprehensive as the document did not leave out a single issue. He concluded by stating that they are for anything recommended by the national dialogue document and against anything inconsistent in terms of elections law or constitution.

In related news, the Secretary of the Judicial Secretariat of the National Congress, Mr. Mohamed Bishara Dousa, highlighted a wide campaign of discussions initiated by his party on the current political issues, especially the issues of the constitution, the political parties law, elections law and legislations that prepare the political arena for 2020 elections, stressing his party’s continued engagement with various political forces. During his participation in a political forum of the National Congress Party’s MPs in Khartoum state, which was held for discussion on the constitution, elections and political parties laws, affirmed that his party seeks to achieve the highest degree of consensus on the fundamentals, principles and outcomes of the recommendations of the national dialogue so that they are implemented on the ground reality either in the constitution or elections and parties laws.

Meanwhile, the deputy president of the National Congress Party, Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, at a meeting of the leadership bureau of the ruling party chaired by President of the Republic on the constitution, explained that the discussion by the National Congress Party of the constitution does not represent a preemptive move, rather it was a mere preparation on its side to share its vision towards the preparation along with other national forces.

The constitution provides for the right to peaceful assembly and association, and gives all citizens equal opportunities to articulate their aspirations and freely participate in public affairs. The derogation of the right to peaceful association is a violation of the liberties and rights enshrined in the international human rights instruments and covenants.

Source: Sudan Akhbar