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News from Khartoum

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In the backdrop of strike: Health Ministry deprives doctors of experience and work certificates

The Ministry of Health of Khartoum State ordered the halt of issuance of work and experience certificates. A letter by the Director General of the Ministry, Dr. Babikir Mohamed Ali, stated that issuance of such certificates shall be suspended until further notice, and the Director ordered the Ministry’s units (hospitals and health centres( and others to carry out the decision as of the date of its issuance 12 January.

“Denial of certificates is intended to harass the doctors,” said Dr. Mohamed Awad Al Karim Al Edrissi, a pediatrics specialist. He said the Ministry is now carrying out its past threat that “we will dismiss you and ban your travelling,” he added. Dr. Al Edrissi attributed the denial of certificates to the recent position taken by doctors and their strike.

According to Al Akhbar newspaper, Dr. Al Edrissi said the decision will negatively impact a number of doctors who may miss an opportunity for a job or scholarship, and denounced politicization of services especially that the issuance of certificates and other documents represent a right for the doctors, adding the Ministry is now bent on drive to take revenge against its own personnel, using weapons of documents and certificates.

It is to be noted that doctors have organized a series of work strikes, and the Central Committee of Doctors and the Legitimate Doctors Syndicate, the two unofficial Trade Associations, have been supporting civil disobedience and political strike.

Source; Kushnews