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News from Khartoum

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Eyewitness recounts details of female engineers assaulted by security forces

Security forces last week assaulted female engineers and detained some during a vigil campaign carried out by Sudanese engineers near their club in Amarat neighborhood in Khartoum, to demand regime change, but security forces carried out large scale detentions and used force against the vigil.

An eyewitness who shared a video clip with Sudafax group revealed details of assault on female engineers who participated in the vigil.

It is noteworthy that the right to demonstrate and protest is a human right emanating from the various fundamental rights enjoyed by a human being, and many international conventions carry clear provisions on the right to protest.

The constitution of the Sudan 2005 provides: the right to peaceful assembly shall be guaranteed, everybody shall have the right to freedom of association with others, the right to peaceful assembly, expression, sit-in and demonstration are guaranteed under the constitution.

Source; Sudafax