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News from Khartoum

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Forces fire teargas inside mosques to disperse worshippers

Security forces in Sudan yesterday fired teargas inside a number of mosques in Khartoum State after Friday prayer to disperse worshippers who demonstrated demanding the regime to quit power. Alrakoba learned from sources on the ground that security forces fired teargas inside a mosque in Beit Al Maal neighborhood after Friday worshippers held anti-regime demonstration.

According to official page of Sheikh Abdul Hai Yousuf, police and government militias fired teargas inside “Khatim Al Mursaleem mosque” in Jabra neighborhood when worshippers demonstrated after Friday prayer, prompting some worshippers to clash with the militias.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which Sudan is a party provides for the right to expression and peaceful assembly. The constitution of Sudan also guarantees liberties and rights that are enshrined in international charters and covenants. Prohibiting citizens from peaceful assembly, expression and protest contravenes human rights charters, provisions and spirit of constitution of the Sudan.

Source; Alrakoba