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News from Khartoum

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Human Rights Watch documents Sudanese security violations

The Human Rights Watch, on Monday released allegedly verified videos, documenting use of violence, live bullets and detentions by Sudanese security authorities against demonstrators, saying 51 people have been killed since the outbreak of protests against Al Bashir regime.

According to Sudan Tribune website on Monday 11 February, the video clips showed security agents firing on demonstrators and beating protesters and passers-by before detaining them.

Other video clips showed security agents raiding hospitals, hurling teargas inside emergency rooms and obstructing provision of health care services.

Director of the Human Rights Watch’s Africa Section, Jehan Henry, said violence must be immediately brought to an end as they represent violations of Sudan’s international human rights commitments and those responsible should be held accountable, calling on the Human Rights Council to urgently respond to the human rights crisis in the country, and to ensure the conduct of an independent investigation of violations during the upcoming meeting in March.

It is to be noted that the violence used by the government to deal with growing protests contravenes Article 21 of the International Covenant relating to human rights which guarantees freedom of association.

Source: Sudantribune, Human Rights Watch