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News from Khartoum

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Local Initiative reports 22 missing persons

A local community initiative revealed that it had recorded a total of 22 missing persons, who were all reported missing before and during the dispersal of the sit-in at the military headquarters last April.

The missing persons initiative said during a press conference that they were able to find 40 missing persons, among them wounded individuals and martyrs, while two others were found, with traces of torture and a state of mental disorder. The initiative demanded that all headquarters and prisons be searched, the army, including those of Army forces and Rapid Support Forces.


كشفت مبادرة مجتمعية محلية عن رصدها لعدد (22) مفقوداً تم الابلاغ عن فقدانهم قبل وخلال عملية فض اعتصام القيادة العامة في ابريل الماضي.

وقالت مبادرة (مفقود) خلال مؤتمر صحفي، أن المبادرة استطاعت العثور على (40) مفقود في وقت سابق بينهم جرحى وشهداء، فيما تم العثور على اثنين اخرين عليهما اثار تعذيب وحالة اضطراب ذهني. وطالبت المبادرة بضرورة تفتيش كل مقرات وسجون، الجيش والامن والدعم السريع.