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News from Khartoum

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The Office of Human Rights Commission gravely concerned over killing of demonstrators and arrests

The Human Rights Commission stated it is gravely concerned over killing of demonstrators and detention of politicians, activists and students during recent demonstrations in Khartoum and declared its readiness to receive complaints from citizens and families of victims of demonstrations for justice.

The president of the Human Rights Commission, Ms Eman Fath Al Rahman, has rejected the killing of civilians especially that the right to life is guaranteed by religions and enshrined in the constitution. A statement issued by the Commission which appeared on the website of Kushnews on 22 December 2018 reported Ms. Eman as saying they are following and monitoring the recent demonstrations erupted in Khartoum and deplored the loss of lives during the demonstrations. “We reiterated the Commission’s rejection of killing of citizens,” she added, and highlighted the citizens’ right to peaceful expression which is guaranteed by the international conventions and constitutions.

While Mr. Eman called on the security authorities to exercise self-restraint in dealing with demonstrators to avoid loss of lives and safeguard security and property of citizens, she urged protesters to adhere to peaceful demonstrations and democratic expression to ensure their constitutional right and stressed the need for government officials to provide requirements for a dignified life for citizens to ensure implementation of the constitution.

Article 40 of the Interim Constitution of Sudan 2005 provides: The right to peaceful assembly shall be guaranteed; every person shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form or join political parties, associations and trade or professional unions for the protection of his/her interests. The text guarantees and safeguards the right to peaceful assembly and other rights connected with it, the right to expression, sit-ins and demonstration.

Article 48 of the Interim Constitution provides: no derogation from the rights and freedoms enshrined in this Bill shall be made. The Bill of Rights shall be upheld, protected and applied by the Constitutional Court and other competent courts; the Human Rights Commission shall monitor its application in the State pursuant to Article 142 of the Constitution which provides for the establishment of the Human Rights Commission.

Source: Kushnews