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News from Khartoum

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Security agents track down protesters inside a hospital

Sudanese security officers last night broke into a hospital and fired live ammunition and teargas intimidating and terrorizing patients, health practitioners, and workers. The security officers were apparently looking for people injured by live bullets during protests elsewhere the same day in Omdurman who had taken refuge in the hospital seeking medical treatment.

They fired in the hospital compound and then entered the emergency and other medical sections of the hospital, treating patients and doctors violently.

“The attack on the hospital is a flagrant violation of the international law,” said Ms. Sara Jackson, Human Rights Watch’s deputy director for East Africa, the Horn and Great Lakes.

Sudan witnessed more than 380 rounds of protests against hard living conditions since 13 December 2018, and more than 40 people were killed in the demonstrations, with many others seriously wounded as security officers violently cracked down on the protesters, also detaining over 1000 people.

The Human Rights Watch today called for the immediate release of a man who sustained gunshot injuries during the protests erupted on 25 December and is still in custody of security authorities.

Source: Amnsty