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News from Khartoum

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Security apparatus claims female journalist killed Dr. Babikir Abdul Hamid

The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS( released a video on the social media showing female journalist Ms. Maha Al Tilib as the killer of Dr. Babikir Abdul Hameed who lost his life in Burri neighborhood over the past weeks during one of the demonstrations that engulfed Sudan since December 2018.

For her part, the female journalist, who works in Al Tayyar newspaper, issued a press release under her signature denouncing tampering with her picture in the video to appear as the killer of the doctor.

She decried the fabrication which she characterized as heinous, considering it a violation of privacy, tampering with her picture, harming and defaming her and her relatives, leaving them frightened and panic-stricken.

“Social media platforms make use of the leakages to NISS Director who claims “a girl took out a rifle from her bag” and fired a bullet that killed the doctor and vowed to arrest, try and execute her,” Ms Maha said.

Ms Maha added that the person who fabricated the unfounded charge wrote the following caption below her picture:“in fulfillment of the promise of NISS Director General, security managed to lay hand on the killer of Dr. Babikir, also seized the weapon used in the commission of the crime, God is Great, live long justice,”.

Ms Maha has downplayed the quarter which fabricated the charge, saying: it seems this quarter targets female journalists in particular, that is why it exploited my picture to achieve a sinister end as part of baseless media campaign to sell wicket rumours”.

“If this lie is cooked up to support claims of NISS Director, “then it is a bad, raw and abhorrent food,” she said in her statement. “Nobody was arrested as claimed in the picture and the text below it, I am a journalist and my weapon is my pen, such charge should be directed to those who kill innocent people”.

Ms Maha affirmed that for the purpose of redemption of her honor, she will use all possible means to identify the quarter or the person who committed such a heinous crime. “I will take revenge by all legitimate means, to make him a laughing stock for the public opinion, for himself, his family and relatives, and the quarter at whose behest he made this scandalous fabrication,” she added.

Source; Alrakoba