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News from Khartoum

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Student groups set up Alliance for supporting protests in Sudan

Thirteen student political groups have established a new Alliance known as “Students Political Forces Association (SPFA)” for supporting the Sudanese Professionals Association which spearheads protests in Sudan. According to Halaeb news website, the SPFA announced that it would undertake a vital role towards supporting protests and to express students demand for change. It urged student unions to join and work under the new Alliance, in order to build a country of peace and equal citizenship, freedom and social justice, without discrimination or exclusion.

According to Halaib news website, the new Students Alliance comprises of a range of anti-government students groups such as the Congress of Independent Students, Students of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement led by Malik Agar (SPLA-Agar) , students of Arab Socialist Baath Party, students of the United Popular Front, students of the Sudanese Forces for Change, students of the New Forces Democratic Movement, students of the Beja Congress, students of the Republican Party, pro-Ansar students (National Umma Party (students of the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, students of the Democratic Unionist Associations, Coalition of Sudanese Students and the students of the Democratic Front.

The main opposition forces and the Sudanese Professionals Association have joined hands to lead the protests against the government, to demand President Al Bashir to step down and to dissolve the government. They have organized large peaceful demonstrations across Sudan.

The Government of Sudan is obligated by Article 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to guarantee everyone the right to associate with others including the right to form or join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Source: Halaeb