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News from Khartoum

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Sudan police fires teargas to disperse demonstrators protesting Islamist rule

Demonstrators last Thursday took to streets in several Sudanese States including the capital Khartoum in a gathering called “the Procession of 17 January” but police forces fired teargas and dispersed the protesters who assembled in downtown Khartoum before marching on the Presidential Palace to hand over a petition demanding President Omer Al Bashir and his government to step down.

“A march of scores of demonstrators in downtown Khartoum is proceeding toward Al Qasr Street and the Sudanese police fired teargas on the demonstrators,” according Sputnik website.

The Sudanese Professionals Association and other political forces have called on the Sudanese people across Sudan to hit the streets on Thursday 17 January in demonstrations to coincide with a planned procession in capital Khartoum that was planned to march on the Presidential Palace to hand over a memorandum demanding Al Bashir to step down.

It is to be noted that the right to demonstrate and protest is a human right emanating from various basic rights and such a right can take the form of freedom of assembly, association and expression. Many international conventions include clear text on the right to protest.

Article 40 of the Interim Constitution of Sudan 2005 provides: “The right to peaceful assembly shall be guaranteed; every person shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form or join political parties, associations and trade or professional unions for the protection of his/her interests. According to jurists, such provisions are explicit and clear with regard to guaranteeing, safeguarding and protecting the right to peaceful assembly and other rights connected with it and that the rights to peaceful assembly, expression, sit-in and demonstration are enshrined in the constitution.

Source; sputniknews