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News from Khartoum

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Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services Continues to Summon and and Ban Journalists from Writing

The National Intelligence and Security Services Continuous its oppressive campaigns against the press and the Sudanese journalists. Campaigns varied from arraignment of journalists to banning journalists from writing. Journalist Salma Al-Tejani of Akhbar Al-Watan newspaper was ordered to stop writing subsequent to her writing about the International Criminal Court.

Wednesday morning, security authorities summoned Mr. Asharaf Abdelaziz, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Jareeda newspaper, in light of his publishing of a documents-supported investigation in the newspaper in the Wednesday issue about corruption in the Choosing Commission of Public Service. Said investigation proved the assignment and employment of people who have failed in the job interviews for 9th degree jobs in the Refugees Directorate while those who passed were not assigned and employed in addition to the presence of names of people who did not take the examinations but got accepted for the jobs while the people who have succeeded did not.

Journalist were summoned ohours after the confiscation of Al-Jareeda newspaper for the second day in a row.

Furthermore, the security bodies interrogated journalist Hanadi Al-Siddig who is an in-house writer of Al-Jareeda newspaper and Editor-in-Chief of Akhbar Al-Watan newspaper because of article criticising the government, also, she was asked to stop criticising the government in addition to stop being radical.

Additionally, Sudanese newspapers are facing consistent harassment from the security bodies characterised by the confiscation of newspaper after print, banning writers from writing as well as banning publishing in specific topics including: The International Criminal Court, corruption and the violations of National Intelligence and Security Services.

To add more, Reporters Without Boarders classify Sudan among the 10 worst countries regarding press freedom.

Important to mention that Sudan is one of the countries approving of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which promotes the freedom of expression and opinion which includes: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Source: Sudanjem