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News from Khartoum

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Sudan’s ruling party engages political forces on Political Parties Act

The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has announced that it would enter into dialogues and meetings with political forces on the Political Parties Act with the Political Parties Affairs Council during the coming stage. NCP Political Secretary, Mr. Omer Bassand said their Party would conduct a strategic and transparent dialogue with political forces on the Political Parties Affairs Act, calling on the parties to present their observations on the proposed amendments of the Act. He explained that the Party through its mandated committee has developed proposals to be discussed with the political forces in order to reach an understanding. Mr. Bassand stressed the existence of many points of convergence and understandings on the elections and political parties’ laws.

In the same vein, political observers are of the view that the large number of parties led to the weakening of the political forces and thus the emergence of parties without headquarters, not governed by political standards and political forces without neither weight nor practiced democracy.

The Secretary General of the Political Parties Council, Mr. Aboud Jabir, said that they are for the reform of parties and political life, but against the cancellation of the parties, because their role is important and described the Sudanese parties as mature and the people are also mature and intellectual.

The formation of political parties and affiliation to them is a political right, which is the right to meet as part of the rights enshrined in the constitutions of states, in order to bring together individuals with common visions, programs and means.

Source: Alintibaha