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News from Khartoum

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Sudan’s Sixth Film Festival postponed

The independent administration of Sudan’s Cinema Festival decided to postpone the activities of the festival’s sixth session scheduled to be organized between 21 and 27 January 2019, because of the political developments in Sudan, however the administration as yet does not set a new date for the event.

The organizers, in statement said the postponement was due to the rapid escalation of events and the agitation of the masses, and affirmed their respect to the voice of the people as they want to give it time to run its course.

The statement said: “Dear friends, and fans of Sudan’s independent Cinema Festival, we have been determined to organize the festival’s sixth session on schedule, proceeding from our annual commitment and our adherence to the values represented by the cinema in our view – the values of resistance, enlightenment, criticism and beauty – we have been keen on that as part of our concern with the integration of all roles in the society”.

According to Alrakoba website, the statement said the activities of the sixth session of the festival will take place soon.

source; Alrakoba