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News from Khartoum

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US, France support Sudan’s peaceful demos, denounce use of lethal force

The United States of America has expressed concern over increased detentions, rising death toll and injured people after four weeks of protests across Sudan, and denounced the use of lethal force to contain the protests, with France calling on Khartoum to stop violence against demonstrators.

In a press statement released last Wednesday, the deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State, Robert Palladino, said the United States support the right of the people of Sudan to peacefully assemble to voice their demands for political and economic reforms.

“We condemn the use of force, including the use of excessive live bullets and teargas by the Sudanese security forces,” he said.

According to Sudantribune and Al Tagheer websites, the statement said establishing more positive relations between the United States and Sudan requires a meaningful political reform and clear and sustainable progress for respect to human rights, this includes the halt of use of security apparatuses for arbitrarily detentions, use of excessive violence against demonstrators, harassment of journalists, rights defenders, political opposition, health personnel, students and other civil society actors.

The deputy spokesperson called on the Sudanese government to release all journalists, activists and peaceful demonstrators who have been “arbitrarily” detained, and to allow those charged full access to legal representation and legal review of their detention.

The US official called on the government to also allow independent and credible investigation in the death and injury of demonstrators.

He called on the government to create a safe environment for expression and public dialogue with the opposition and civil society to achieve more inclusive political progress in order to address the people grievances.

For its part, France called on Khartoum authorities to “stop the use of violence” to disperse demonstrators who are protesting because of deteriorating economic situations in the country.

Spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said: “we call on the Sudanese authorities to take necessary measures to stop violence against peaceful demonstrators and prosecute those who have committed the violence”.

The spokesperson stressed the need for respect to the right to demonstrate and the freedom of assembly and expression.

Source; Altaghyeer, Sudantribune