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News from Sudan

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Launch of the Sudan Civic Space Annual Report for the Year 2020

The Sudan 2020 Civic Space Report produced by SUDIA and the Sudan Civic Monitor comes as the first of its kind in Sudan. It presents the state of civic space in the country by examining the status of the four fundamental pillars of civic space - Freedom of Expression and Association, Rights of Association and Assembly, Non-discrimination and Inclusion, and Citizen Participation.

In addition, the report examines the enabling environment for civic space and sheds light on some of the government’s efforts to reform and improve the space in 2020.

The report aims to serve as both a record and a monitor of civic space in Sudan during this critical phase in the country’s transition to democracy, as well as provide the government and other stakeholders with recommendations to protect and enable civic space.

We welcome the usage of our report to serve your mission, and invite you to share it with any entity you think would benefit from it.

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