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News from Sudan

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Minister suspends controversial HAC 2021 regulations

The Minister of Social Development, Ahmed Adam Bakhiet has today suspended the new and controversial regulations of February 2021 that were passed by his predecessor in early February. The regulations governing organizations registered under the Sudan Voluntary and Humanitarian Works Act (SVHWA) of 2006 had surfaced on social media and caused an uproar and widespread discontent among civil society organizations and activists in Sudan.

Ministerial Order suspending HAC 2021 regulations

The ministerial order No.2 dated 10 March 2021 suspended the enforcement of the 2021 regulations, and reverted back to the older 2013 regulations until such time as when a new set of regulations that ensure the participation of all stakeholders may be agreed upon.

The new regulations which were suspended were ratified by the previous minister of Labor and Social Development, Lena Al-Shiekh during her last days in office and were signed by her on 1 February 2021 (6 days prior to the Prime Ministers decree dissolving his cabinet of Ministers and relieving them of their duties).