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News from Khartoum

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Sudanese authorities break up peaceful sit-in by force

The Sudanese authorities have used force to prevent peaceful sits-in called by the Sudanese Professionals Association to demand the step down of President Omer Al Bashir and his government. the peaceful sits-in in Khartoum State have morphed into demonstrations after authorities had intervened and deployed heavy forces at the sites of the sits-in.

Protesters erected barricades on streets to prevent authorities’ access to the sites of the sits-in to clash with the demonstrators, and a number of women, children and elderly were seen standing beside male and female youths in the streets.

At the States level, the Western Kordofan town of Ghibeish witnessed large demonstrations, and in the city of Wad Medani in Gezira State hundreds have demonstrated in the main market, with similar demos organized in the city’s neighborhoods.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and democratic constitutions in general, the right to demonstrate and sit-in is a subdivision of the freedom of opinion and criticism. However, the exercise of this right is governed by conditions and has parameters, namely it must be legitimate and peaceful, does not undermine public security, nor sabotages public and private property, and it should not prejudice freedoms and other rights of the people. Moreover, it should be specifically decided and adhered to by the organizers of a demonstration, in terms of time, place, objective and the means used to voice political opinion either by supporting or rejecting a regime, or specific behavior or political opinion. Exercising this right means the sit-in is stationary at specific place and for certain duration and not for an indefinite period. The condition of “peacefulness” means no participant in such a demonstration or sit-in should carry or use any type of weapon.

Source; Aljareeda newspaper , Altaghyeer