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News from Khartoum

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Sudanese Parliament says security apparatus enjoys independent power

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Legislation, Justice and Human Rights Ali Nimir has said the Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Services, Salah Gosh, and the Attorney General Omer Ahmed Dahab enjoy full independent power and are not answerable to the Parliamentary Committee and he has no authority to summon the Director of the Security, and denied knowledge about the situation of detainees.

Nimir denied knowledge about any details relating to the situation of the detainees, saying the head of the Sub-committee for Human Rights Mohamed Al Hassan Al Amin has not provided him with any report to that end.

Nimir added that the upcoming parliamentary session will witness deliberation on bills of criminal law and criminal procedures law which includes 65 amendments relating to prosecutions and general freedoms.

It is to be noted the amendments introduced into the Interim Constitution of the Sudan 2005, which granted wide powers to the National Intelligence and Security Services aroused a lot of controversy in the political arena, because the amendments were seen as having made the security apparatus a body parallel to the armed forces.

Source; Aljareeda newspaper , Sudafax