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News from Sudan

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Police Assaults Two Girls and a Lawyer

The National Commission for Human Rights issued a statement condemning an incident in which two young women and a lawyer were arrested and subjected to violence by the police in Khartoum.

The Commission explained - during its visit to the police station to monitor the condition of the injured - that the two girls were subjected to severe violence, in addition to the seizure of lawyer and human rights defender Al-Fateh Hussein, who was also arrested for hours before being released. The Commission announced it was following up with the concerned authorities to prevent impunity and to confirm Sudan's commitment to combating torture, inline with international treaties that the country had ratified.

Three policemen in civilian clothes had waylaid three women while they were walking in the main street in Riyadh area of the capital Khartoum. The three policemen disclosed their identity to the women who resisted arrest and were forced into the police vehicle and severly beaten. One of the young ladies managing to flee the scene and escape. Al-Fateh Hussein who had witnessed the incident intervened to prevent the violence, but was also beaten and taken along with the two women to the police station where they were all subjected to more police violence.

Source: Altaghyeer Newspaper