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News from Sudan

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Two Newspapers Suspended for Three Days

Two daily newspapers published an advertisement calling for the closure of national roads, which was paid for by a tribal council in the east of the country. The ad resulted in the suspension of the papers' issuance for three days by the National Council for Press and Publications.

The Press Council considered the publication of the advertisements in these newspapers (Al-Intibaha) and (Al-Saiha) as contributing to incitement of violence, noting that they violated Article 57 of the Constitutional Document, which stipulates not to provoke religious, racial or ethnic strife or call for war and violence.

The Supreme Council of Beja Chiefs who had called for the closure of the national road linking the port city of Port Sudan with the capital Khartoum had been strongly opposed to one of the five tracks of the Juba Peace Agreement (signed in October 2020 between the government and the armed movements), the Eastern track which was concerned with peace in Eastern Sudan .

Source: Anadolu Agency